Are You Booking a Trip to North Dakota Soon?

Are You Booking a Trip to North Dakota Soon?

Learn about your new favorite motel in Bismarck, ND

Don’t settle for any motel in Bismarck, North Dakota. Choose the best when you stay at Bismarck Motor Motel. Our 74-room facility is located in downtown Bismarck, ND, and we’re a convenient distance away from:

  • 2 Major Medical Centers
  • Boutique shops
  • Local restaurants

Whether you’re here to support a family member during surgery or on a quick work trip, Bismarck Motor Motel has all the amenities you need in an ultra-convenient location. Call 701-223-2474 right now to book a room at Bismarck Motor Motel.

The history of our downtown motel

The original Bismarck Motor Motel was built in the 1950s. Back then, we only had 35 rooms. Our current owners bought the place in 1998, and in 2011, a fire wiped out half of the facility. We rebuilt Bismarck Motor Motel into a homey 74-room complex in 2013. Do you want to learn more about the history of our comfortable motel? Contact Bismarck Motor Motel today to hear the story from a manager.